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Success Story


Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network

“Known for expertise, versatility, accuracy, and reliability, Accentus came highly recommended and based on the satisfaction of our mental health team, I know we made the right choice in deploying their services. They are professional and courteous. We can always count on them to deliver accurate transcripts, on time and within budget.” - Janet Schultz, Executive Assistant


The Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network (PCN) is a group of more than 90 family physicians and 39 staff. PCN works with Alberta Health Services and other health care professionals to improve, coordinate, and deliver primary health services for their patients in the family practice environment.

Customer Need:

PCN pairs affiliate psychiatrists with member physicians, enabling psychiatrists and physicians to provide complete mental health care for patients within the family practice environment. Critical to providing the best patient care, the mental health team must log information gathered during patient interactions and ensure that the information is recorded and made available to the health care team. PCN does not provide in-house dictation and transcription services and needed a solution that would effectively address the requirements of this program.

Accentus Solution:

Committed to best practices, PCN decided to deploy Accentus MD, a fully outsourced voice recognition enabled dictation and transcription service, providing the psychiatric linkages program with an easy-to-use, quality solution. Accentus handles the majority of the transcription generated by this program.


  • By deploying Accentus MD, PCN was able to provide a fully outsourced dictation and transcription solution that delivers the same level of service and quality typically enjoyed by large hospitals.
  • The pay-per-use nature of Accentus MD gives PCN access to potentially unlimited transcription resources where they pay only for what is actually used by the mental health team.
  • Accentus’ best-in-class processes ensured that the PCN mental health team was up and running the same day with customized templates in place.
  • Accentus continues to provide PCN with an on-demand (24x7x365) service and a solid guarantee that transcripts are delivered back within 24-hours or sooner and with ninety-eight percent (98%) plus accuracy.