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The most trusted medical transcription provider in North America.

From short-term backlog and overflow support to a completely outsourced solution, partnering with Accentus offers clients multiple levels of service backed by state-of-the-art technology for outsourcing solutions that address their real world transcription challenges.

Accentus solutions are designed to reduce healthcare administration costs, eliminate staffing shortages, boost business efficiencies, and improve patient care.

Engage our People

Accentus has one of the largest and most experienced transcription teams in North America. The transcription teams can easily scale to provide the level of support your organization needs – quickly adapting to new medical environments and scaling up or down to provide the best transcription support available.

Engage Our People and Our Technology

Accentus transcription solutions are supported by the eDoc document Management platform. eDoc features a state-of-the-art speech engine, which combines conversational speech recognition and natural language processing, taking speech understanding beyond basic speech-to-text translation. eDoc’s powerful speech engine transforms narrative into meaningful, context-aware clinical documents allowing for faster and more accurate processing of dictations.

In addition to traditional speech recognition, eDoc translates physician dictation in real-time into a searchable, structured XML Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standard document, preserving the physician’s narrative reasoning for a course of care while simultaneously structuring and encoding clinical facts – such as diagnosis, procedures, medications, and allergies as stated in the physician’s dictations for many subsequent uses and easy upload into EHR/EMR environments. This functionality promotes meaningful use and enhanced data mining for analysis and clinical research.

We offer:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 availability of services;
  • contractual adherence to turn-around-times;
  • superior quality;
  • EMR/HIM/RIS/ or PM integration;
  • ability to dictate, review, and sign reports from all smart devices;
  • custom templates and cost saving through the use of qualified text;
  • comprehensive reporting;
  • a flexible transactional fee structure; and most importantly;
  • strict adherence to North American privacy standards (HIPAA, PIPEDA).

We'd be happy to answer any of your questions please contact us today.

If you are a doctor or a clinician, please call toll free @ 1-855-367-4445 For acute care (hospitals, surgery centers, health systems) please call toll free @ 1- 800-766-3439