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New Services Help Healthcare Organizations Create and Manage Electronic Health Records

Accentus introduces Document Imaging and Remote Coding Services supported by a fully integrated multifunctional document management platform featuring content understanding and BPM functionality.

Oct 26 2010

Ottawa, Canada // Accentus Inc. the leading provider of Transcription Services for the Canadian healthcare industry announced today that it is launching two new services – Document Imaging and Remote Coding. These new services together with the company’s well entrenched Transcription Service will allow Accentus to offer a completely Integrated Medical Document Management Solution.

“Accessibility, availability, and usability of patient health information are of paramount importance to providing the best possible healthcare,” said Stephen Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, Accentus Inc. “Our services help healthcare organizations electronically capture and manage patient data from multiple sources and make it available at the click of a button to healthcare professionals facilitating more immediate diagnosis and more timely access to data for trending and funding activities.”

Accentus will offer archival, near real-time and real-time document imaging services bringing significant efficiency gains to each step in the document imaging process to save clients time and money. Using patented software Accentus Document Imaging Services automate otherwise manual processes in the document preparation and scanning stages greatly reducing man-hours and human-error. Accentus will also take a multi-tiered approach supported by industry-leading logic and intelligence software to fully automate image processing. Many functions such as content understanding, indexing, forms recognition, electronic content separation and sorting, content identification and/or extraction, rules based workflow management, and, exception handling will be carried out electronically.

Through Accentus Remote Coding Services healthcare organizations will have access to a team of certified Health Information Management professionals fully trained on the ICD-10-CA coding standard, as well as, coding tools such as computer assisted coding and auditing software and regulatory compliance functionality with submission interface.

Accentus’ multifunctional document management platform, eDoc, will support both new services. eDoc’s, integrated electronic content management (ECM) functionality allows for easy search and retrieval of scanned images, the extraction and use of information contained within those images, secure web enabled remote or shared access to documents, and easy management of chart content deficiencies. It can greatly enhance existing hospital electronic health records systems that are image-enabled or can be integrated with those that are not.

Business Process Management software further enhances eDoc’s ECM capability. Healthcare organizations can improve efficiency and productivity by fully automating and streamlining business processes, electronically distributing tasks, implementing and enforcing business rules, documenting and measuring performance, and accessing data for real-time and historical reporting.

Accentus offers a transactional fee structure, partial to full outsourcing flexibility, a highly skilled workforce, end-to-end workflow management, comprehensive reporting, SaaS based technology platform to support services, strict adherence to both provincial and national (PIPEDA) standards, and a strong commitment to quality.

About Accentus Inc.
Accentus provides Integrated Medical Document Management Solutions for the creation of electronic health records. Leading hospitals, medical clinics, and independent physicians across Canada rely on Accentus to capture accurate and timely patient health information. Combining state-of-the-art technology, human resources, industry knowledge, and value-add services, Accentus, delivers outsourced or co-sourced medical document management solutions based on a pay- and scale- as-you-go business model. Accentus Enterprise Services meet the needs of hospitals and large clinics and Accentus MD, is a hospital calibre transcription service specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual doctors and group practices. Accentus was founded in 2001, is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and privately funded.

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