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Medical Language Specialists

As an acute care Medical Transcriptionist/Editor for Accentus Inc. (now part of Nuance Communications, Inc.) you will work from the comfort of your home as an independent contractor (self-employed).

You will be required to meet a weekly quota (250 to 300 audio minutes per week) but you are free to complete this quota according to your own schedule. You are permitted to exceed the weekly quota if your availability and account volume permits.

We pay competitive per audio minute rates and offer you the potential to earn bonuses for quality and production.You provide your own PC and high speed internet connection (DSL or cable modem). We will supply a foot pedal and install the software required to do the work.

This position is equivalent to working in a hospital’s transcription department/pool.On a typical work day:

  • You will transcribe/edit a variety of health records reports (discharge summaries, admissions, emergency room, operative, clinic and consult letters, etc.) according to the specifications of the hospital(s) you are assigned to
  • You will encounter multiple dictators with varying accents
  • You will work independently but within a team environment (you will be expected to meet your production quota consistently each week in order to maintain overall turnaround times prescribed by the client)
  • You will work with a team leader (answer your day to day questions about the work, assists you with queries/blanks, etc )
  • You will work with a transcription services manager (answer your questions about company policies/procedures, handles issues related to team management and communicates performance issues)

When you log in, the jobs download into your queue. When you log off, leftover jobs go back into the pool. The work is available 24/7.

We prefer our MTs to have prior experience transcribing all acute care reports (discharge summaries, clinic notes, consults, operative, and emergency room reports). It is not enough to be familiar with medical reports. You need to develop a good listening ear for a wide variety of voices (including accented dictators) to be successful with this work.


If you are an experienced Medical Transcriptionist, please click here to apply.

If you are a new graduate from a Medical Transcription Certificate program, please click here to apply.

If you do not meet the above requirements but are interested in a career as a Medical Transcriptionist, you can research training programs offered through CanScribe Career College, Career Step Canada or other Medical Transcription Certificate programs.