Integrated Medical Documentation...Your Way

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Integrated Medical Document Management 

Solutions. Transcription, Coding services and technologies that redefine the 

outsourcing paradigm. Learn more about Accentus
For doctors and clinicians. 

Medical transcription services designed for maximum convenience, ease-of-

use, and EMR integration. Learn why so many physicians and clinicians are already partnering 

with Accentus for all of their medical documentation needs
For leading hospitals, independent acute care 

facilities and health systems across North America. On-demand medical documentation solutions 

that help reduce administration costs, eliminate staffing shortages, and boost business 

efficiencies. Learn More
State-of-the-Art Document Management 

Technologies. So that our clients always have access to and are supported by the most efficient 

applications and systems. Learn more about how the SaaS model can benefit your organization
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Now offering 

doctors and clinicians a free mobile application for use with their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch